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TimeMark has developed a new road tube clamp based on over 25 years of experience with the issues that confront users.
Why did we see a need for another option for securing road tubes?


The WedgeGrip

The unit is very rugged. It will last much longer than other clamps, which drives down the lifetime cost. For example, the wires used in the figure eight and Chinese finger are easily frayed, broken, or misshapen which makes them difficult to use. Plate clamps or c-clamps can be run over and crushed to completely pinch the tube. The WedgeGrip is a solid unit that won't bend or unravel. And if tampering is a concern, you can add up to two additional nails or screws to the base and a tie strap to secure the wedge to the base.

Easy to get the proper tension.

A big issue with clamps is being able to add tension to the tube. The industry recommendation has been 10% tension. With the Chinese finger or figure eight you have to hold the clamp and pull the tube through. With the plate clamp or c-clamp you have to hold the tube and clamp while trying to nail or screw the clamp down. And with any of these clamps, it is possible to overstretch the tube. But if you overstretch the tube with the WedgeGrip, it will narrow the tube, allowing it to relax to the proper tension.

Great holding power.

Figure eights do a pretty good job of holding the tension by friction on the outside of the tube. The problem is that they can start to cut into the tube. Plate clamps and c-clamps generally have smooth surfaces so they can only hold by putting pressure down on the tube, which will ultimately slip. The WedgeGrip uses small ribs on the base and wedge that provide great holding power.

Impossible to restrict air pulse.

One of the big problems we have seen is the ability to hold tension on the tube without pinching it and restricting the air pulse. Figure eight and Chinese finger clamps can restrict the air pulse if the tube is pulled too tight. The stop on the WedgeGrip keeps the wedge from going too far so the tube is never pinched.

Very easy to deploy.

Trying to drive a nail or screw through other clamps is a safety issue, especially if the tube must be in place while deploying. The WedgeGrip has a keyhole feature that lets you concentrate on driving the nail or screw. Then you just slip the base over the head of the nail or screw. Finally, place the wedge on the tube at the desired tension and place it in the slot.

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